Pneumo Injector V2 for solid alternative fuels

Solid alternative fuels are conveyed pneumatically through a piping system to the burner. The alternative fuel channel inside the burner is basically a pipe of same diameter.

At the hot end of this pipe the "Pneumo Injector V2" is installed, used to set the fuel flow into a defined rotation or acceleration. The necessary air to create this rotation is taken from the burner's primary air pipe system

How it works

A low swirl intensity results in a large throwing length while a high swirl intensity increases the throwing angle in a way that alternative fuel is deflected into the flame, time for burnout is extended as well.

Low swirl intensity (low air flow provided for the Pneumo Injector V2)
results in a large throwing length.
High swirl intensity (high air provided for the Pneumo Injector V2)
results is a large throwing angle.

Design details

The Pneumo Injector V2 is located at the front part of the alternative fuel pipe, executed with slots arranged around the circumference of this pipe.

The slots are designed in a way that swirl air flows inside the pipe circumference to set the axial fuel flow into rotation.

Design details

This system is encased by an additional pipe to support swirl air. The swirl intensity is adjusted by valve setting (flow regulation), this equipment is situated at the burner's primary air piping.