High & Medium Voltage Motors

Complete industrial solutions with outstanding products designed to meet technology and quality standards required worldwide. Among its range of products, the company offers High & Medium Voltage Motors which are highly used by the industry for their high efficiency on applications that require power factor correction, high torques and constant speed resulting in low operating and Maintenance cost.

Note: We can manufacture any High & Medium Voltage Motors according your data and drawings.

Technical Features :

• Outputs: up to 22,000KW
• Voltages: 220 to 13,800V
• Speed: 4 to 40 poles
• Frequency: 60 or 50Hz (also suitable for VFD applications)
• Class of Insulation: F or H
• Service Duty: S1
• Mounting Configuration: Vertical or Horizontal
• Degree of Protection: Enclosed or Open, IP23 to IPW65
• Temperature Rise: 100° C
• Bearings: - Ball/Roller bearings: up to frame 400
• Sleeve bearings: frame 450 and above

Applications :

• Oil and Gas
• Cement (crushers, mills, conveyor belts and others)
• Energy
• Mining(crushers, mills, conveyor belts and others)
• Steel plants(laminators)
• Pulp and paper(extruders, chippers, debarkers)
• Sanitation (pumps)
• Chemical and petrochemical ( compressors, fans, exhausters)
• Rubber (mixers, extruders)
• General Industrial