Electrical Motors

Cast Iron Frame

Three phase asynchronous motor, with lower acquisition cost and high technology. Easy to adapt to the most application types, allowing to your company agility during installation, easy operation and low maintenance cost. The project is according to IEC34 standards, which guarantees higher energy savings. The following types of W21 motors are available: Standard Efficiency (EFF2), Premium Efficiency (EFF1) and Top Premium Efficiency (Exceeds EFF1) and suitable for the use with Frequency Inverters.
Motor Features
* Output: 0,12 up to 330kW
* Poles: II, IV, VI and VIII
* Frame: 63 up to 355 M/L
* Three-phase multivoltage, IP55, TEFC, 50Hz and 60Hz
* Cast Iron 40ºC and 50ºC
* Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEFC)
Pumps, fans, crusher, conveyors, machine tools, milling
machines, centrifugal machines, presses, elevators, looms,
grinders, woodworking, cooling, packaging equipment, other
severe duty application

Cast Iron Frame Inverter Duty

Cast Iron motors were designed to meet several applications were wide speed range variation is required. The windings are enameled with class H varnish and exclusive patented WISE insulation, which allows 3 times longer motor. The independent fan system offers low voice level and maximum cooling at low speeds. As additional feature, the WEG TEBC motor can be supplied with Dynapar 1024 ppm encoder which allows perfect motor speed control for critical applications.
Motor Features
* Output – 0.12 up to 330kW
* Poles – II,IV,VI, and VIII
* Frame - 63 to 355 M/L
* Three-phase, IP55, TEFC, 50Hz and 60Hz
* Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEFC)
* Reinforced insulation
Grinders, conveyors, mixers, fans, pumps, extruders,
winding, recoilers.
Features Benefits
WISE Insulation

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame motors with removable base were specially designed to meet market requirements in reference to mounting flexibility once they allow all mounting positions. The foot mounting system offers great flexibility and it quite simply allows changing on the mounting configuration without requiring any machining or modification on the motor feet. Motor terminal box can be rotated at 90 degrees allowing motor leads to be connected on any motor side. Besides that, these motors are fully interchangeable with existing cast iron frame motors. Stock flexibility due to the fact that just one motor is required with mounting possibility on all positions. Aluminum version of W21 line. Aluminum Frame
VFD Features
* Output: 0,12 up to 11kW
* Poles: II, IV, VI and VIII
* Frames: 63 up to 132 M
* Three-phase, IP55, TEFC, 50Hz
Pumps, air conditioning systems, fans, cranes, compressors,
conveyor belts, machine tools, winding machines, drawing
machines, centrifugals, presses, hoists, overhead cranes,
elevators, looms, grinders, woodworking, injectors,
extruders, roller tables, cooling towers, packaging
machines, etc

Brake motor

In order to have a company working with high performance it is necessary to have equipments working according to its needs. brake motor is perfect to equipments where fast safety stops are required, positioning and time saving. braking solutions allows synergy in the production process, helping with agility and safety. brake motors are available in versions: Standard Efficiency (EFF2), Premium Efficiency (EFF1) and Top Premium Efficiency (Exceeds EFF1) and they are suitable for the use with frequency inverters*.
Motor Features
* Output: 0,12 up to 37kW
* Poles: II, IV, VI and VIII
* Frame: 63 up to 200L
* Three-phase, IP55, TEFC, 50Hz and 60 Hz
* Cast Iron Frame or Aluminum Frame
These motors can be used on any machine that requires
quick stops and time savings during installation: machine
tools, looms, packing machines, gates, wood machines,
cranes, other severe duty applications