Alternative fuels fired through the kiln burner

Unitherm Cemcon has been one of the first leading companies supplying kiln burners fired with solid alternative fuels since 1996.

By using solid alternative fuels, basic consideration must be taken to:

Technical feasibility : chemical influence on the clinker process
Economic conditions : fuel regularly supplied - quality - cost saving
Legal regulations : local environmental standards - limited substitution
Investment to benefit relation : today's and future aspects.

Liquid alternative fuels are fired by special oil lances. The UNIGRESS DDM-XL alternative fuel burner lances are designed to burn a large variety of liquids, ranging from high to low viscosity fuels with abrasive solid components.

Solid alternative fuels fired through the kiln burner:

For pneumatically conveyable solid alternative fuels best results are obtained by firing this fuels through the kiln burner. We provide solid alternative fuel channels situated in the burner's central channel, enabling maintenance works on this channels even when the burner remains in operation with standard fuels.
Most important is complete combustion of the alternative fuel to prevent negative effects like reduced burning. Best burnout behaviour will be achieved with our unique Pneumo Injector V2 technique.

Internal flame scanner (option)

* Solid alternative fuel channel equipped with Pneumo Injector V2 Device

* Lance port for liquid alternative fuel lance UNIGRESS DDM-XL

* Central air channel with flame stabilizer plate

* Fuel Oil Lance UNIGRESS 4001 ZL