Power turbines and drive systems

The company GEOSERVEX is specialized in highly precise measurements, mainly of machines and equipment. One of the areas of our activity is supporting the assembly and repairs of power turbines, both steam as well as water turbines. This applies to the setting of stands and turbine bearings and turbo-generators, i.e. aligning shaft lines and setting turned elements, guide apparatus, glands, stuffing, etc. Depending on needs, we perform precise levelling of partition planes of turbine cylinders, measurements of verticality and declinations of water turbine shafts and measurements of geometry changes of turbine axis effected by temperature (cold - hot condition).

As part of our services we also centre and align drive systems (coupling) of compressors, paper machines, rolling machines, kilns and rotary mills, etc.

The above mentioned measurements are made with the use laser equipment of the company SKF Fixturlaser Roll 200 and Shaft 200, guaranteeing accuracy of measurements of an order of +/- 0.005 mm. We dispose of both most modern laser measuring equipment as well as traditional, precise optical instruments that enable measurements to be carried out in conditions of strong vibrations and in the presence of electromagnetic fields.

Our customers: EC Bydgoszcz, Elektrownia Bełchatów (power station), Elektrownia Pomorzany Szczecin (power station), EC Siekierki Warszawa (thermal power station), Elektrownia Celulozy Świecie (power station of cellulose factory), Elektrownia Wodna Włocławek (water power station), Elektrownia Wodna Myczkowce (water power station), Kompleks Energetyczny "ANWIL" Włocławek (power station complex) and the power stations Esti and Balti in Estonia. We also cooperate with the company Alstom Power - Elbląg on a regular basis.