The Smart Glider

The Smart Glider - the new Clinker Cooler

Smart Blades merge walking-floor concept. The advantages of 3rd and 4th cooler generation put together and might be called 5th generation.
Market Situation:
The various present walking-floor coolers or coolers using the walking-floor transport principal consume high electrical power for transport and fan pressure. The total clinker bed of protective dead layer and clinker production layer is too high for effective cooling. A suitable clinker bed cannot be adjusted. The process performance of this 4th generation coolers is below our Pendulum Cooler of the so-called 3rd generation.
Physical tests proved that the clinker is transported extremely smooth on our Smart Blade with horizontal air jets. Thereby, the clinker will be carried when the lanes move forward and the lanes glide backward lane by lane at minimum drive force and hence much less power consumption. The horizontal air jet create an air cushion between grate surface and clinker. As a reslut, the friction and related wear becomes marginal. A life time of the Smart Baldes of 10 years is expected. Our Smart Seal perfectly seals the lanes against spillage.
Welcome "The Smart Glider"

Smart Blades providing horizontal aeration by Coanda effect

Smart Seal between the lanes

CemProTec developed a Smart Seal (3) which perfectly com- bines the advantages of a mechanical and pneumatical seal and assures constant performance even under heat expansion. Installation and maintenance is fast and easy.

Upgrading of walking-floor coolers

Grate surface of upgraded walking-floor cooler

After quite a number of cooler modifications and upgradings of various types and brands of clinker coolers, CemProTec developed an upgrading system for walking-floor clinker coolers (1). Such an upgrading provides the following benefits:

• State of the art process performance like our Pendulum Grate Cooler
• Perfect aeration and self-cooling by Smart Blades (2) with Coanda effect
• Reduction of the electrical power consumption from typically more than 7 kWh/t down as low as 4 kWh/t
• Higher transport efficiency and ability to operate very low clinker bed, if desired
• Improved sealing between static grate and movable lanes
• No spillage and wear between the grate lanes by our Smart Seal (3) - a seal worthy of the name
• No more vacuum cleaning of the grate surface

Briefly speaking, get the cooler performance you always expected!

Hot section of walking-floor cooler

Clinker Distribution System CDS with transition to walking-floor

We provide you a tailor-made upgrading of your walking- floor type clinker cooler by replacing the existing grate system with our:

Clinker Distribution System CDS
+ Smart Blade grate system (2)
+ Smart Seal (3) between the lanes
= Performance equal to our Pendulum Grate Cooler

Are you tired from cleaning and fixing your lane seals, struggling with cooler process performance, paying high power consumption? Do not wait to contact us.