Power turbines and drive systems

Measurements of paper machines offered by GEOSERVEX cover:

• Laying out and reconstructing the machine's main axis.
• Levelling foundation frames and supports
• Measurements of positioning main machine elements (gate, cutting bars)
• Measurements of parallelism of shafts in the vertical and horizontal plane
• Flatness measurements
• Measurements of deformations and subsidence
• Measurements and adjustment of drive couplings

The basic measurement equipment used in our company for measurements of paper machines is the laser-computer set Fixturlaser Roll 200 & Shaft 200 of the company SKF. Furthermore, we use precise electronic theodolites of the Japanese company Topcon series GTS 600 and GPT 2000 and precise code levels of Leica and Zeiss.

The application of superior measurement equipment allows us to achieve the following order of accuracy:

• 0.01 mm for surveying measurements
• 0.005 mm for laser measurements

We have rendered our measurement services related to paper and rolling machines amongst others for: IP Kwidzyn, Mondi-Świecie, Huta Aluminium Konin, PM Poland S.A. (foreign contracts among others in France, Switzerland and Germany) and many other.