Waste oil lance UNIGRESS DDM/XL for kiln firing systems

The UNIGRESS DDM/XL oil lance series is designed as waste fuel oil lances using compressed air (or steam) for atomisation.

The design allows to burn liquid waste fuels with high or low viscosities, with or without solid particles. The lance is used in rotary kiln or calciner burners.

Construction details :

Waste oil is supplied via a central pipe which is surrounded by an outer pipe for compressed air feeding (alternatively steam). Oil flows straight through one single nozzle-bore designed with a minimum diameter of 6 mm. Compressed air (or steam) is injected through bores at a conical part of the nozzle for atomisation.
The control range depends on the speed controlled pump installation.

This special design has no internal parts.
Therefore oil contaminated with solid particles can be fired without risk of blocking.

Low wear and low pressure losses are additional design benefits.

Main characteristics are:

» Bores for fuel atomising
» Straight nozzle-bore to prevent particle blocking

Max. flow in kg/hr 2000 4000 8000
Max. flow in lb/hr 4400 8800 17600
Lance carrier pipe Ø 60,3 mm/2” 76,1 mm/2,5” 88,9 mm/3”
Waste oil pressure 2 - 4 bar / 30 psi - 60 psi
Compressed air 4 - 6 bar / 60 psi - 90 psi
Compressed air flow 7% - 11% referred to oil mass flow
Particle size 3 - 4 mm/0.15 inch
Atomising viscosity up to 120 cSt

Above flows refer to oil with a specific weight of water.

For aggressive media the UNIGRESS DDM/XL lance is available in stainless steel.