Power Stations

Measurement support of electrical power engineering is one of the regular and major specialities of the company GEOSERVEX. This applies to determining horizontal and vertical displacements of bench-marks and sights installed in facilities of water power stations, control gauges of power stations driven by traditional fuels. These measurements have the purpose of evaluating the operation safety of structures, constructions and machines.

The following data is determined:

• subsidence and elevation (accuracy 0,1 mm)
• inclination changes (clinometers) (0,01 mm/m)
• verticality changes (0,01 mm/m)
• relative and absolute horizontal displacements
• changes in expansion gaps (0,1 mm)
• landslide parameters (2 mm)
• parameters of construction bending (0,05 mm)
• geometrical and temperature deformations

The above mentioned parameters are determined with the use of geodetic instruments of the highest accuracy class of the company LEICA and TOPCON and special devices of the company SKF as well as own devices made by our company. All instruments and devices have attests and are comparated by specialized institutions.

Measurement services of power stations also include the alignment of turbine shaft lines, setting of bearings, glands, guide apparatus, centring couplings, etc. which is discussed elsewhere.

Our regular customers are amongst others:

• thermal-electric power station "TORUŃ" and EC Bydgoszcz
• power station "WŁOCŁAWEK"
• pumped-storagepower station "ŻYDOWO"
• power stations KORONOWO -Samociążek ŻUR, GRÓDEK, TRYSZCZYN & SMUKAŁA
• power station of the energy suppliers Zakłady Energetyczne "SŁUPSK" and "KOSZALIN"
• thermal-electric power stations of large industrial works such as: ANWIL -Włocławek and MONDI Świecie