De-Dusting systems

Modern, popular and reliable solutions

Jet type self-cleaned bag filters are today's most popular and reliable solutions for air purification applications and especially from dust and other kinds of impurities that are created at combustion and drunage facilities, material handling facilities etc.

Provided that there will be a proper choice when designing an industrial filtering application, bag filters can provide the ultimate solution, when it comes to terms with each country's lawful gas exhaustion limits.

For the past several years, our company has designed and implemented numerous de-dusting solutions to a variety of industrial facilities, such us high temperature facilities, facilities with acetose gases, installations with high loads of dust, e.t.c.

Self cleaning de-dusting bag filters

Self cleaning bag filters are todays most aknowledged mean to separate dust from air that is being used at industrial applications. In order to achieve a reliable and low cost solution, as well as to keep dust emission below its non acceptable limits, a cautious selection of working parameters must be made at the designing phase of the solution.

Through the pipe network and the air intake, dust is entering the filtering unit (1) and fastens at the outer surface of the filter cloth (2). Air, after dust removal, is extracted to the environment from the out take (3). At frequent intervals (adjusted at the control unit), a special unit emits air under high pressure to the the inner area of the filter clothes, through special nozzles(4). This reacts to a sudden shake of the filter bags, so as a result, dust elements fall from the cloth surface to the cone of the filter unit, where is being removed by a countersunk screw (5) or other specialized unit. The filter's operational status is being adjusted by a differential pressure gauge that measures the different pressure between the dust-free area and the dust lodgement area. It also provides the filter clothes' replacement indication limits.

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