Dams, Bridges

Measurements of dam displacements belong to the most important activities connected with the safety of these facilities. These measurements cover:

• Determining horizontal and vertical displacements of concrete elements of hydrotechnical structures
• Determining changes in expansion gaps
• Determining inclination changes (clinometers)
• Examining location constancy of control points
• Determining landslip dislocations

Measurements of water dam displacements are carried out by us with attested equipment of highest quality of such manufacturers like Leica, Topcon, which assure angular accuracy of an order of 0.5cc and linear of 1.0mm. A supplement to the above mentioned instruments are specialized centring devices, sights, clearance gauges and clinometers made by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography.

Determined displacements have the following exactitude:

• In the horizontal plane below 1.0 mm
• In the vertical plane 0.1÷ 0.5 mm
• Changes in inclinations 0.02 mm/m

A related field are measurements of bridge displacements. This applies both to load examinations after completing construction works, asa well as cyclic measurements of subsidence and horizontal displacements of pillars, abutments and load-bearing structures of bridges.

We carry out water dam measurements amongst others for Elektrownia Szczytowo-Pompowa Żydowo (pumped-storagepower station), Zapory i Elektrowni Włocławek (dam and power station), hydrotechnical fall stages in Koronowo, Żur, Gródek, Borowo, Niedalino, Rosnowo and many others.