Clinker Inlet Distribution System "CDS"

The clinker distribution at the cooler inlet is the key for optimal cooler function. It is not a matter of an aerated static grate only – such grate has to distribute the clinker in left/right and vertical (from coarse to fine) direction in order to create a uniform clinker bed. It is the base for the following movable grate section, which can mainly maintain and transport the clinker. Flaps to control the airflow on the movable grate section are almost impossible to adjust as no parameters available.

The so-called air beam aeration suffers from high pressure losses in the air ducts and unpredictable air distribution inside the air beam.

Considering these negative aspects, CemProTec has developed a new type of static grate, the Clinker Distribution System CDS. The CDS honeycomb supporting structure and integrated multi chamber air box permits extremely flexible air distribution at negligible pressure losses. It can be fully adjusted to the actual kiln discharge. The clinker transport is extraordinary well – snowmen formation have not been observed so far.

Clinker Distribution System CDS assembly

CDS - multi chamber air box

CDS Smart Blade grate plate

CDS with refractory horseshoe installed