Central Vacuume Systems

A proper solution

In extended industrial rooms, where all kind of materials are produced and stored, a significant amount of undesirable dust is scattered all over the floor, on machines and also in places where its removal is very difficult using simple cleaning methods.

The removal of the undesirable dust is usually an expensive and unhealthy process for the employees.

The installation of a central vacuum system is the proper solution to all these problems.

A central vacuum system consists of a pipe network with endings where a flexible pipe with the appropriate suction tool is adapted. At the end of the pipe network, there is a vacuum pump, with the appropriate filter, in order to separate the incoming air from the dust.

Using a central vacuum system, all scattered dust can be easily concentrated in one main bucket from where it can be transferred outside of the building or be reused.

Central vacuum system used for the suction of iron fragments

Central vacuum network system extended in 4 levels at Lime production industry

Central vacuum system at electrodes production industry