Industrial Facilities, Mines

The purpose of measuring displacements of huge industrial sites is monitoring unavoidable degradation processes of the environment, structures and constructions resulting from production activity, and also planning, preventing and correcting these processes.

Such monitoring is required by relevant regulations: construction regulations, mining, mechanical and other regulations. This applies mainly to measurements of bench-mark subsidence located in major structures, constructions and foundations of machines.

"GEOSERVEX" is specialized in this type of measurement and government licenses to carry out such works issued by the Geodesy and Cartography Authorities (scope 4) and Mining Authorities. Our impressive equipment and human potential, as well as specialized software, allow us to carry out large geodetic works covering the determination of displacements and subsidence.

We have carried out such works for all type of factories, e.g.:

• Zakłady Azotowe ANWIL Włocławek (nitrogen works)
• Zakłady Chemiczne POLICE (chemical works)
• Zakłady Przemysłu Gumowego STOMIL (rubber industry works)
• GÓRAŻDŻE, KUJAWY & WARTA Cement Plants and others

as well as salt mines:

• IKS "Inowrocław" and "GÓRA"

Our activity also covers interpretation of displacements with regard to assessing their effect on the surface and safety of structures. We cooperate in this field with universities and the Polish Academy of Sciences.