Injection Systems

Depending on the scope of application, CS Combustion Solutions selects the perfect atomisation system for your requirements. In order to always ensure an optimum ratio between atomisation and media consumption, dual-fuel premix nozzles, pressure atomising nozzles or ultrasonic atomising nozzles are used.

The following atomising media are mainly used :

* Low pressure steam
* Compressed air

However, other gaseous substances (e.g. nitrogen and natural gas) can also be used. The upstream pressure ranges in this case - depending on the nozzle system used - from 3 to 10 bars.

CS provides nozzle/lance systems for both SWB burners and material injection directly into the combustion chamber. In addition, nozzles can also be used in the following areas:

* Ammonia injection for SNCR systems
* Flue gas cooling
* Lime slurry injection for semi-dry desulphurisation
* Process applications for the food and chemical industries