Roller Crusher

CemProTec´s roller crusher is driven by electrical gear motors. The gap between the rollers is adjustable to limit the clinker size. For quick and easy maitenance services, the complete crusher frame is put on rails and can be pulled out to one side. The advantages of a roller crusher above a hammer breaker are:

• slow roller speed
• high availability
• less dust emission
• low wear on crusher rings and possibility of re-facing
• crushing of bigger lumps
• no chain cutain required
• no wear on refractory caused by clinker impact

New Roller Crusher design with the following advantages:
• higher break capacity at smaller clinker size
• improved wear protection, autogenous or moulded by concrete
• simple and fast adjusting of the break gaps between the rollers
• lower fabrication cost and hence lower price for our clients

Different staggered ring arrangement

Roller Crusher with electrical planetary gear motors running at low speed

The entire Roller Crusher can be pulled out for easier maintenance