Grinding Ball

Casting & Heat Treatment Process

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TOYO metal mold casting makes structure finer and more uniform which makes TOYO balls the best quality.

1. TOYO Hi Chrome Balls are produced by Metal mold.
2. Competitor's high Cr. Balls are produced by sand mold.
3. Metal mold cools down smelted metal faster than sand mold.
4. The faster cooling speed makes structure finer and more uniform.
5. This and TOYO special heart treatment technology makes TOYO Hi Chrome Balls the least wear and the best quality.

Microscopic Structure

TOYO High Chrome Ball (90 Φ)
* Strong Surface
* Strong Structure
* Strong Core
* Strong Ball

Competitor's high Cr Ball(90Φ)
* Weak and Cosmetic Surface
* Weak Structure
* Weak Core
* Weak Ball