Asphalt and Inert Materials Drying Units

  • De-dusting filter used by an asphalt production unit at Rethymno-Crete

  • De-dusting filter at Chania-Crete

  • De-dusting filter used by inactive materials drying unit.

  • De-dusting filter for an asphalt production plant 80tn/h in Komotini

  • De-dusting filter for an asphalt production plant 60tn/h in Egina

  • De-Dusting of an asphalt plant with 80tn/h production

  • De-dusting of an Asphalt plant in North Greece

  • Granulating mixer for the dust of an asphalt plant de-dusting filter

  • Pneumatic conveying of asphalt dust from ade-dusting filter

A double temperature check automation system have to be installed on a de-dusting unit in case the temperature exceeds the limits of the filter clothe and also in order to avoid the waste gases temperature falls under the dew point.