Special features

Divisible Burner Jacket Tube for M.A.S. Kiln Burners

Frequent relining works on kiln burner jacket tubes must be performed by pulling off the jacket tube from the burner. For this procedure the burner must be moved backwards until the necessary space for pulling off is available. Often the burner must be removed from its carriage to perform this work when proper space is unavailable.

Unitherm Cemcon can offer a special option - the jacket tube in divisible execution, to improve the service work for burner insulation essentially. The jacket tube is divided into a front and a rear part, connected with an burner-internal locking mechanism. Locking or unlocking is simply operated from the cold side of the burner.

Pulling off the front part of the divisible jacket tube   |     Changing of used by readily prepared tube    |          Burner without front part of jacket tube

The execution as divisible jacket tube brings several advantages in investment and quicker service:

* smaller investment for spare outer jacket tube
* in case of wear at the lower part of the burner tip insulation the front part of the jacket tube can be turned by 180°
* easier relining service works of the outer jacket tube
* less space requirement on the burner platform as only the front part of the jacket tube has to be pulled off for new lining!
* correct preparing of lining (sintering, drying) easily possible due to low dimensions

The locking mechanism situated at burner's cold side