Building Highways and Bridges

GEOSERVEX's offer also includes geodetic support for building roads and highways, though our speciality are geodetic works of a complicated nature and works with higher accuracy requirements, i.e. support for the building of bridges, viaducts, trestles and other engineering facilities as well as measurements of subsidence and displacements of structures and road constructions.

We have a high potential in equipment, software and personnel (licences in the scopes 1, 2, 4).

TOPCON precise and mirror-free rangefinders, electronic theodolites and code levels of the company LEICA are the basis of equipment for teams working in the field. Measurement documentation is drawn up electronically and in hardcopy, depending on customer requirements.

Our speciality are measurements of trial loads of bridges with an accuracy of an order of 0,1mm whereas the results of these measurements are immediately calculated and visualized on computer.

We have carried out such measurements in 2004 for two new road bridges on the Brda river in Bydgoszcz. Measurements of vertical and horizontal displacements of road structures and constructions and their interpretation supplement our offer.

Such measurements are carried out periodically, cyclically during operation, depending on needs and degree of threat for the structure.

We have carried out such measurements amongst others for the steel road bridge on the Vistula river in Włocławek.