Chimneys, Masts, Overhead Travelling Cranes

Our company also carries out measurements of slender structures like chimneys, television and radio masts, high voltage poles and others.

This applies to support in building these facilities like verticality measurements, measurements of displacements and deformations. For these measurements we use precise vertical meters of an accuracy of 1 mm/100 m and electronic theodolites with mirror-free rangefinders.

Verticality measurements are usually combined with subsidence measurements on the basis of these structures and constructions. Determined are also the effects of external factors such as: temperature, wind pressure and insolation on changes in geometry. A certificate and documentation card is established for every slender facility.

Geometry measurements of overhead travelling crane elements and their track substructure belong to measurements that are often carried out in industrial facilities, both during their assembly as well as periodically during their operation. These measurements are carried out in compliance with industrial standards with the help of electronic TOTAL STATION theodolites and automatic levels of millimetre accuracy. Measurement documentation contains an adjustment plan for track substructure and data for adjusting overhead travelling crane elements.

Complex service includes measurements, adjustment plan, supervision over adjustment and control measurements after adjustment. Sometimes measurements are also made of deflections of construction and support poles, their verticality and subsidence.

We have made measurements of overhead travelling cranes amongst others for:

• "MONDI" ŚWIECIE paper mill
• the cement plants: LAFARGE -Kujawy and "WARTA" Działoszyn
• STOMIL Bydgoszcz
• WŁOCŁAWEK power plant