Burner Accessories

Ignition Burner

For rotary kiln burners the installation of an ignition burner is obligatory according to EN 746-2 for operation without visual supervision.

Ignition fuel : Natural Gas, Propane Gas or Diesel
Kind of ignition : High voltage
Flame control : Ionisation rod
Ignition air : taken from primary air, no additional fan necessary

Internal Flame Scanner

We provide an "internal flame scanning" enabling a direct view into the flame. Malfunctions (loss of flame signal) caused by clinker dust are prevented in this way. The optical lens is protected from heat by internal cooling air.

The unit consists of: : Optical lens with fiber optic cable. Flame scanner, mounted on burner Evaluation unit, to be installed in a control box.

Pneumatic Lance Retractions

To protect fuel lances from overheating it may be useful to equip one more lance carrier ports with a lance retraction device to retract a lance automatically when operation has been stopped./p>

The unit consists of : Pneumatic cylinder Solenoid valve for actuation Limit switches (retracted/inserted) Guiding bars with lever