Geometric supervision of assemblies, renovations of machines and equipment

Our long-term experience in hot kiln alignments has allowed to establish strict cooperation with our customers in planning and supervising repairs. Measurements of machine deformations and geometry made by us provide a rich set of data helpful in planning repairs, the scope of necessary component replacements and in evaluating repair possibilities in order to avoid expensive replacements. The need of optimising costs and need of carrying out the repair precisely has revealed shortages also in measurement and calculation techniques. For us this became a challenge and new field of activity. Our engineers have developed and implemented new measurement methods and standards of proceeding that make it possible to correct the geometry of rotary machine shells with the help of corrective cuts.

In many cases this technique allows to achieve significant savings because it is possible to avoid replacement of shell parts. It is for this purpose that our company has developed dedicated software allowing to calculate the value and direction of corrective cuts (pie cuts). The complex service developed in this way proved itself and gives excellent results confirmed in practice. The fist serious operation of straightening a shell was made by us in the year 2000.

Geometric supervision of repairs of rotary machines does not concentrate exclusively on the shell. Depending on needs, the following may be subject to control and corrections:

• height and inclination of foundation frames
• location of shell supports
• location of bearing rollers
• beating (eccentrics) of shell segments
• beating (eccentrics) if under-tire plates
• under-tire clearances
• skewing of tires and rings
• location of drive pinion axis
• drive meshing clearances
• dynamic deflections of bearing roller shafts
• location of inlet and outlet chambers
• many others adapted to customer needs.

We have carried out geometric supervision of kiln repairs amongst others for: Górażdże Cement Plant (Heidelberg; Polska), Dniprocement Cement Plant (Heidelberg, Ukraine), Kryvyi Rih Cement Plant (Heidelberg, Ukraine), Bessemer Cement Plant (Essroc; USA) and have consulted scopes and performance of rotary kiln repairs for the following cement plants:: Arrigorriaga (Cementom Rezola; Spain), Nasice (Nexe; Croatia), Afyon (SET-Italcementi; Turkey), Picton (Essroc, Canada) and many others.