Building Industrial Facilities

Our company also carries out measurements of slender structures like chimneys, television and radio masts, high voltage poles and others.

Service includes:

• drawing up base data for designing
• laying out structures, roads and territorial development
• geodetic support for assembly
• post-performance cataloguing
• making maps
• measurements of subsidence and displacements

The above mentioned works are performed by engineers and technicians having geodetic licenses, scope 1, 2, 4 and speaking fluidly English, which is very important on construction sites often supervised by foreign specialists.

When necessary, measurement documentation is drawn up in Polish and English. In the years 2000-2005 we have carried out the following complex geodetic services:

• construction and assembly of new LAFARGE -"KUJAWY" cement plant
• construction of underground warehouses for PKN ORLEN -IKS SOLINO
• construction of "TESCO" shopping centre in Bydgoszcz