Replacement of IKN grate plates by CemProTec

If your clinker outlet temperature is higher than it used to be or increase shortly after maintenance, If your cooling fans do not provide the cooling air volume anymore as it was designed or is required, If you are tired from cleaning clogged grate slots, If you still struggle with snowmen formation on your static grate (clinker built-up), If you feel that secondary air temperature used to be or could be higher, If you want or have to save energy cost for fuel and/or electrical power If you want to lower your spare part cost,

..... it is time for a change.

Smart Blades solve above issues and improve the clinker cooling. Smart Blades provide horizontal aera-tion by Coanda effect and remain spillage-free. The replacement can be carried out during maintenance on spare part basis.

1 CemProTec grate plate replacing 2 IKN grate plates on static grate

Less grate plates with CemProTec

Strong Grate Frames clamped on grate beams

2 CemProTec grate plate replacing 3 IKN grate plates on movable grate section